Micro Needing (Skin Pen)

Skin pen is a microneeding device designed to improve the apparance of the skin,works on fine lines,wrinkles,acne scars on the face and body.

its highly recomended for hyperpigmentation.

so you are tired of pigmentation,acne scars or aging?



A detailed and in-depth skin analysis is really important before starting a skin pen treatment, so we can choose the right form and degree of skin pen application.

In the skin pen consultation, our skin pen specialist analysis the skin in depth followed by deep cleaning and peeling of the skin and most nourishing mask according to the skin. At the end, our skin pen specialist consults the right skin pen treatment and home care.


Pigmentation refers to dark patches of the skin (dark spots or hyperpigmentation), that have been darkened by the excess production of melanin. This often comes because of a lot of sun exposure, inflammation or hormonal changes.

Our skin pen Pigmentation treatment can help lighten these dark spots by encouraging the skin healing response. In our skin pen pigmentation treatment our skin pen  specialist always start the treatment by double cleansing of the face and peeling so that skin can easily penetrate all the nutrition in, after preparing the skin our specialist work with skin pen by applying the thin layer of whitening  stem cell culture serum(which contains various plant extracts and hyaluronic acid, which gives healthy ,hydrated and clear look),and finishes the treatment Vitamin C mask ,eye cream, day moisturizer and SPF.


SKIN PEN,SKIN REJUVENATION TREATMENT,is best for boosting a collagen in your skin,which minimize the fine lines,discoloration of the skin and helps to minimize the signs of aging.

In skin pen rejuvenation treatment our skin pen  specialist always starts with double cleaning of the face and peeling to prepare the skin,then works with skin pen by applying peptide gold serum( which contains over nine kinds of peptides, effective in wrinkle improvement) or Salmon DNA serum(contains over seven kinds of peptides and PDRN extracted from salmon semen, aids in skin regeneration),after that we apply peptide mask to lock in all the peptide properties in to the skin, and we finishes the treatment by applying eye cream,face moisturizer and SPF.


Most of the time frustrating acne leaves scars on the face and sticks to the skin like a reminder of a painful and bothersome condition, but that scars do not have to be permanent, as our skin pen acne scars treatment is the best solution for that.

In acne scar treatment our skin care specialist always prepare the skin followed by double cleansing of the face and peeling, after that our specialist work  with skin pen by applying the AC stem cell serum(which contains centella asiatica extract, reduces pore size and treats acne) and Aqua stem cell culture(contains various plant extracts and hyaluronic acid that gives the skin a healthy ,hydrated look) and finishes the treatment with a calming mask. Eye cream, day moisturizer and SPF.